Our most booked cleaning services

Carpet & Rug

An effective and efficient option for clients who want to increase the life cycle of their carpeting.


A great solution for those who want to sleep better at night with a clear mind.

Sofa & Upholstery

Modern deep cleaning of an extensive selection of furniture and fabrics.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Our effective polishing machines and materials will bring the life back of any surface.


We, at Carpet Cleaning Harrow, are ready to provide you with the most trusted carpet cleaning services in HA1, HA2 and HA3. Our flexible work schedule will enable you to book us for a day and hour of your choice, while our fair and open pricing policy will allow to fit in your budget.

Second to none carpet cleaning in Harrow

As a customer to Carpet Cleaning Harrow, you will receive premium quality carpet cleaning services in HA1, HA2, HA3 Harrow. We are an experienced company that has handpicked each member of its team. As a result, we work only with highly qualified and friendly specialists who are not challenged even by unusual and complex cleaning jobs. We strive to provide our clients with custom-tailored cleaning services in Harrow. Therefore, feel free to ask our attentive consultants for a personalised quote. If all of that sounds too good to be true, just look at our reviews. We are constantly getting positive feedback from our London customers. Also, we are a fully insured, properly licensed and registered business that can be trusted.

We can be booked for a range of cleaning jobs

We have an incredibly versatile portfolio of comprehensive cleaning services in Harrow HA1, HA2, HA3, all of which are available to private and business clients and feature:

  • Carpet & Rug Cleaning – an effective and efficient option for clients who want to increase the life cycle of their carpeting. We clean carpets and rugs that come in any size and regardless of their fabric or current condition. We offer living and dining room carpet cleaning for just £32.
  • Mattress Cleaning – a great solution for those who want to sleep better at night. Our prices for this particular service start at £19 and we use only health-friendly cleaning supplies that are free of aggressive chemicals. Yet, we can easily fight off stains and unpleasant odours.
  • Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning – modern deep cleaning of an extensive selection of furniture and fabrics. We will remove spots and bacteria from the upholstery using our professional skills and specialised equipment. Sofa cleaning prices start at just £14. The prices for office and dining chairs are £5 and £7 respectively.
  • Hard Floor Cleaning – an easy and affordable solution that will help you to properly maintain your floors. The price of this service of ours kicks off at barely £2 per square meter. It covers everything from brick, laminate and ceramic tile flooring to natural stone, concrete and hardwood floors.

Here it should also be noted that each of our reliable cleaning services in Harrow is carried out by professionally trained and fully equipped cleaning technicians.

We use cleaning equipment of the latest generation

Every member of our seasoned team relies on innovative cleaning machinery and tools. We have invested in a massive collection of up-to-date equipment like polishing machines, grout scrubbers, steamers and etc. That is why we rely on a great range of cleaning methods, among which are deep, wet and dry cleaning.

To book us, call or email our staff today. We will offer you a free no-obligation quote.




Jenny G.

I regularly use the services of the company. The personnel are always very polite and quite meticulous in their work. The prices are fair and reasonable – I say that as a person who has relied on a number of different professional cleaning teams in London over the past five years. I hope that they will continue to keep up the good quality of their services in the future. So far, the results I get are consistently high.


Patrick S.

Chef Chef

Fast, efficient and affordable. A week ago, I hired the company to clean my driveway which I have been stubbornly neglecting for the past two years. The company’s cleaners arrived well-prepared and equipped for the job and they managed to remove even the oil spots and the moss that covered part of my driveway. The service itself did not cost me much which was great. I guess I should have called them earlier. In that way, I could have had a clean driveway years ago.


Sophie T.

I am a landlord and I have been relying on the team to do my end of tenancy cleaning jobs for over two years now. I’m really happy with both the quality and the prices I get. I was particularly impressed with the company’s staff about half a year ago when an ex-tenant of mine left a terrible mess in one of the apartments. The cleaners arrived armed with cleaning tools and machines and they did all the dirty work.


James C.

Thank you for cleaning my home. I got my daughter a puppy a year ago for her birthday but that act of kindness turned my home into a real mess. I decided to use the deep cleaning service offered by the company since the smell of a dog was getting unbearable even though my wife was constantly washing and vacuuming around the house. The results were great and the bad dog odour was gone from my carpets and furniture in just a few hours of work. See you again in a couple of months!

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